All About Timbrel Praise

Tambourine for the Christian church that just loves to praise and worship!

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Where to Start?

It’s easy to start to learn how to play the tambourine! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be playing in no time at all! Remember to practise as much as you can!

The Shake

The best place to start is by learning how to play the Shake. This is the foundation step of the Timbrel Praise method of playing the tambourine. Practise it lots!


After you have learnt how to play the Shake, you can move on to learning a few more steps such as the Continuous Bang. Steps put together form movements.


After you have learnt a handful of steps, you will be ready to learn your first movement, the Triangle! You can then move on to the other “Easy Eight” movements.

Our Story


Founder of the Timbrel Praise Style of Tambourine PlayingMy prayer warrior mum prayed. Yup, that’s how it all began! She prayed that we would have tambourines in our church in Hong Kong. A teacher at school, Bronwyn Jones, had seen and possibly even played a little tambourine as a child. She couldn’t remember much but was able to introduce me to the Shake and a few other steps. I loved it and proceeded to devote all of my time to developing the style of tambourine now known as Timbrel Praise, which includes a unique notation system in both shorthand and longhand, steps, movements, patterns, box symbols and more! I also wrote a number of books to help others learn how to play this fabulous instrument of praise and worship! I’m excited that you are here and hope you will learn how to play this incredible instrument.

Dodie V.


Hong Kong Team

Hong Kong Team

Led by Dodie Sarchet-Waller

The Hong Kong team is where is all began and continues! The home of Timbrel Praise.

India Team

India Team

Led by Arpana Deep and Aman David

Renee (Arpana) and Aman have led the India team since 2011. They are based in Varanasi.




Led by Paul Sarchet-Waller

Asiateams provide workshops and classes in both the tambourine and flags.