Movement Submission

Welcome to the movement submissions page! Learning how to play the tambourine should open the door to allow you to create your own movements. Be creative!

Welcome to the movement submission page! There are two reasons why you may choose to submit a new movement.

1. You would like feedback on a movement you have created!

Learning to play the tambourine doesn’t finish when you finish the Tambourine Course! You should take your playing to the next level by creating your own movements to keep your playing fresh and new and vibrant! If you have created a movement and would like some constructive feedback, then submit your movement and we will give you a review of your movement.


2. You would like your movement posted on this site!

We are working on creating a page of movements submitted by timbrelists from around the world! Once it’s up and running, your movement may be posted.



Please have the following ready:

  • Movement name, number of beats, creator’s name, scripture (optional) and longhand instructions.
  • An image of both the shorthand instructions and movement symbol. You may either handwrite them and take a photo of them or create them digitally using your computer. All file types are accepted.
  • A link to a video of you playing the movement. The easiest way to do this is via YouTube.


Movement Submission Form

Are you ready? Complete the form below and you’ll hear from us soon!



Reason for Submission
 Feedback Wanted
 Would like Movement to be included on site

Movement Name

Number of Beats

Scripture (optional)

Link to Video

Longhand Instructions

Shorthand Instructions
Upload a copy of your shorthand instructions. A photo of a handwritten set or a digital version are both acceptable.

Upload a copy of your symbol.

Additional Comments

Thank you!

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