Choosing a Tambourine

There is a very specific type of tambourine needed for the Timbrel Praise style of playing the tambourine. Here you will find information to help you choose the perfect tambourine!

For the Timbrel Praise style of playing the tambourine, the recommended tambourine has the following features:

  • 10″ for adults / 8″ for children
  • natural membrane
  • pretuned (no metal attachements on the outside of the tambourine)
  • wooden rim (not too wide)
  • single or double row of jingles
  • preferably odd number of jingles (easier to attach ribbons)
  • hole

Tambourines ready for a class!

Specific Tambourine Models

Any tambourine that fulfills the above criteria would be fine. In Hong Kong we use Dixon tambourines; however, these do not seem to be readily available outside of Hong Kong and so the CP380 tambourine or the Featherweight are fantastic models that can be used. Infact, we use the CP380 tambourines when we can find them and often order the Featherweight tambourines in from the US. REMO tambourines are great quality and have some fun membranes, but are too heavy and NOT recommended for the Timbrel Praise style of tambourine playing.


Do not be turned off by ‘budget’ tambourines. Often the cheaper tambourines are lighter and make very good starter/learner tambourines.


Click through the slider below to view specific tambourine models and their suitability for Timbrel Praise tambourine.

CP380 Tambourines


This tambourine is quite light and has a decent sound. We have started using more of these tambourines over that last year or two. They are available with a single or double rows of jingles and in various sizes, although we use the standard 10″.

This tambourine can be purchased from Musician’s Friend.

Featherweight Tambourines


Featherweight tambourines are great! They are light, have a lovely sound and are easy to play. One drawback is that each tambourine is unique and will vary in weight, membrane etc. They are also not as well made as some other tambourine models and will break more easily if thrown or dropped.

The model featured can be purchased from Drummer’s World.

Budget Tambourines


Budget tambourines tend have no brand name, but are usually great tambourines to use for the Timbrel Praise style of playing. As they are usually quite natural, they are lighter and have a lovely sound more suited for group playing.

The model featured can be purchased from Worship Products for under $10.

Salvation Army Tambourine


While the traditional Salvation Army tambourine is not the typical Timbrel Praise tambourine, it is an acceptable tambourine to use. It is usually 8″ and has a wider rim than other tambourine models used. It is not our first choice of tambourines.

This model can be purchased from Musician’s Friend.

Meinl Tambourines


These tambourines are generally not suitable for most Timbrel Praise players, especially leaners. They do not have a hole, are heavy and the double row jingle model has a slightly wider rim. As they have steel jingles, they are loud and so do make a good choice for instructors leading a large group as they can be clearly seen and heard.

This model can be purchased from the London Drum Company.

REMO Tambourines


REMO tambourines are not recommended for the Timbrel Praise style of tambourine playing as they are heavy and more difficult to play. They are very well made and come in a fantastic range of decorative membranes, which may be suitable for performances.

A great range of REMO tambourines are available from Worship Products.

Where to Purchase


We encourage you to approach your local music store to see if they have suitable tambourines for purchase. Being able to actually try out a variety of tambourines will help you make a more informed decision as to which type of tambourine you are more comfortable using.

If purchasing a tambourine locally is not an option, the following online stores have suitable tambourines for purchase; however, we cannot guarantee their service or product line and cannot be responsible for their service or changes in their product line.

It’s also a good idea to check on eBay and Amazon, as they sometimes have good deals.

Now it's time to get ribbons!

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